Distressed Debt Funds: Investment Opportunities

  The arrival of COVID-19, on a global scale, has accelerated the economic business cycle and may create a larger pool of distressed debt that originally was projected for 2020. investment funds that invest in distress credit, be it emerging market debt, corporate bonds, securities backed by commercial loans, and pools of commercial loans will see a larger pool of these credits being offered by different sellers. In the case of CIAC Consortium II LLC, co-founded and co-managed by Francisco De Armas, there are particularities that make it stand out from other larger credit funds. CIAC Consortium operates in a niche market where competition is scarce and local know-how of laws, regulations and the market are key to obtain the types of returns the Fund and its investment manager CIAC Corp has had over the past 6 years, says Francisco de Armas Cubas .  Why Distressed Debt Investing Makes Sense Many of the world’s largest distressed debt funds, both in Europe and the US, are raising capital

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